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The new British Prime Minister Theresa May has caused a stir around the world with her appointment of the UK's new Foreign Secretary. She has chosen the controversial former Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson led the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and has now been given the job of Britain's top diplomat. This has surprised many as Mr Johnson has a track record of being very undiplomatic to world leaders and countries. He once referred to Hillary Clinton as a "sadistic nurse in a mental hospital". He compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to a creature from Harry Potter. He also made racist comments about African countries and the nation of Papua New Guinea.

The British newspaper 'The Independent' said Mrs May, "had managed to unite the international community in bewilderment by her appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary". France's foreign secretary said Mr Johnson had lied to the British people during his campaign to get Britain to leave the EU. TV presenters and journalists in Germany speculated whether British politics was becoming a farcical comedy show. The Washington Post asked how Mr Johnson could become Britain’s top diplomat after having offended much of the world. Mr Johnson shrugged off comments that he was not the person for the job. He said his task was to reshape Britain's identity as a "great global player".

Comprehension questions
  1. What did the article say Theresa May caused around the world?
  2. What did Boris Johnson lead a campaign for Britain to leave?
  3. What has Boris Johnson got a track record in doing?
  4. To what did Mr Johnson compare Vladimir Putin?
  5. What nation did Mr Johnson make racist comments about?
  6. What is the international community united by?
  7. Which country's foreign secretary said Mr Johnson lied?
  8. What kind of show did German TV presenters liken British politics to?
  9. Who did the Washington Post say Mr Johnson had offended?
  10. What did Mr Johnson say he wanted to reshape?

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