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   ahead      control      failed      force      forces      hard      hard      institutions      least      legal      members      membership      military      nearly      organisation      penalty      people      responsible      streets      virus  
Turkey is trying to get those for the weekend's coup attempt. It has arrested around 6,000 of the judiciary and , including top judges and generals. It also suspended 8,000 police officers. President Erdogan said he would rid of the "" that caused the coup. He is taking a very line and said he might use the death . This might stop Turkey from joining the European Union.

Turkey's Justice Minister said the process on more than 6,000 people would go . He added that: "Suspects are being charged with of an armed terrorist and of attempting to overthrow the government…using and violence." At 290 people were killed and thousands wounded in the coup attempt. President Erdogan asked to "take to the " to protect Turkey. His soon retook .

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