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   ago      animals      clothing      disease      early      fur      glacier      hat      head      ice      idea      information      man      naturally      pain      pieces      quite      several      shoes      tattoos  
We now have a good of what kind of clothes people wore over 5,000 years . Scientists studied the of material that were on the body of a who died in Europe 5,300 years ago. His body was frozen under in the Alps Mountains. Archaeologists discovered his body in a in 1991. They called him Otzi the Iceman. They also found bits of and Otzi's accessories and weapons. Scientists have analysed everything they found to get an idea of what humans looked like, what they ate and what they wore. They even have an idea of what Otzi's voice sounded like. The scientists said Otzi provided "rare and valuable " about how humans used five millennia ago.

The research team said Otzi's clothes were from different animals. He had leggings that were made from goat leather. He wore a made from brown bear . Otzi's leather coat was stitched together from at least four different kinds of animals. His were made from different kinds of grass. Otzi's body was also covered in 61 . Scientists say these were for relief for his aching joints and not for decoration. Otzi was 45 when he died, which was old for a man 5,000 years ago. He suffered from heart and had dental problems. Scientists say he did not die . He was murdered. Someone killed him by firing an arrow at him, which hit him in the .

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