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say think have think be disagree warn offer expect disrupt
Authorities in Hawaii are a ban on the popular tourist activity of swimming with dolphins off the Hawaiian coast. The dolphins have as a magnet for tourists over the past few decades. However, federal officials the increasing tourism harmful to the dolphins because they supposed to resting and socializing. The National Marine Fisheries Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to swimming with, or approaching within 50 metres of, Hawaii's spinner dolphins. That would an end to many tour group activities, which sailing alongside the creatures in a boat and snorkeling with them.

Ann Garrett, a spokeswoman for the National Marine Fisheries Service, she didn't the ban would a big impact on the tourist trade in Hawaii. Ms Garrett said: "We that by identifying 50 metres as the minimum distance, there still can a viable tourist industry in Hawaii." Tour operators with Garrett's assessment. Tour company owner Kevin Merrill : "It would be the end of legitimate dolphin swimming. We couldn’t the people the quality interaction that they ." Dolphins typically are most active at night and sleep and relax during the day, which is when the tourists interact with them. Garrett said the interaction the dolphins' health and fitness.

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