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Authorities in Hawaii are [proposing / proposal] a ban on the popular tourist activity of swimming with dolphins [off / on] the Hawaiian coast. The dolphins have served as a [magenta / magnet] for tourists over the past few decades. However, federal officials say the [increases / increasing] tourism is [harmful / harmed] to the dolphins because they are supposed to [have / be] resting and socializing. The National Marine Fisheries Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposes to [exhibit / prohibit] swimming with, or approaching within 50 metres of, Hawaii's spinner dolphins. [That / Then] would put an [end / finish] to many tour group activities, which involve sailing alongside the creatures in a boat and snorkeling [within / with] them.

Ann Garrett, a spokeswoman for the National Marine Fisheries Service, said she didn't think the ban would have a big [compact / impact] on the tourist [trade / tirade] in Hawaii. Ms Garrett said: "We think that by [identity / identifying] 50 metres as the minimum distance, there still can be a [viable / voluble] tourist industry in Hawaii." Tour operators [disagreement / disagreed] with Garrett's assessment. Tour company owner Kevin Merrill warned: "It would be the end [of / off] legitimate dolphin swimming. We couldn’t [offer / coffer] the people the quality interaction that they [expect / extent] ." Dolphins typically are most active at night and sleep and relax [while / during] the day, which is when the tourists interact with them. Garrett said the interaction disrupts the dolphins' health and [fitting / fitness] .

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