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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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University graduates [hoping / hopping] to get a job as an investment banker in London could be [disappointment / disappointed] if they wear brown shoes to their job [interviewee / interview] . A new report highlights how the investment banking industry in the UK [following / follows] centuries-old, unwritten [rules / rulers] about how bankers should [contract / conduct] themselves. The study was [overtaken / undertaken] by the British government's Social Mobility Commission. Researchers looked at [how / what] the industry selected people in job interviews. They found that the industry was governed [of / by] "relatively opaque" codes of conduct. They wrote: "For men, the wearing of brown shoes with a business suit is generally considered unacceptable…[within / without] investment banking."

The survey [suggestive / suggested] that people from working class backgrounds had to [change / charge] their behaviour to fit in with bankers who were from [middle / centre] and upper classes. One newly-appointed banker said: "I felt [like / so] my accent was a bit out of place, so I changed it." The study also said the [industry / industrial] discriminated against [those / them] who did not go to elite universities. The Commission's chairman said: "Bright, working-class kids are [being / been] systematically locked [up / out] of top jobs in investment banking because they did not attend a small handful of elite universities." He added: "It is shocking…[what / that] some investment bank managers still judge candidates on whether they wear brown shoes with a suit, rather than [on / in] their skills and potential."

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