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make be wear wear cover be show wow feature receive
be release release aim border be wear be make attract
History was at the recent New York Fashion Week. For the very first time, there a collection in which every model walked down the catwalk a hijab. The hijab is the veil traditionally by Muslim women, which usually the head and chest. It has got a bad press recently because of it banned in various parts of the world. However, Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan from Indonesia wanted to just how stylish and elegant the hijab could be and the fashion world with her creations. Ms Hasibuan is just 30 years old and becomes the first Indonesian to a collection at a prestigious global fashion event. She a standing ovation at the end of her show in New York.

There has an upswing in the past few years of fashion designers incorporating Islamic fashion into their designs. The international retail clothing company H&M an advert showing a Muslim model in a hijab, while Dolce and Gabbana a line of hijabs at wealthy Muslim customers. Not everyone is happy with the hijab entering mainstream fashion. Some say the new designs are on un-Islamic. Dr Eva Nisa, a professor of Islamic Studies, said: "The essence of Muslim dress is to something decent, to modest. For women, they have to sure what they're wearing doesn't the attention of men."

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