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History was made at the [recant / recent] New York Fashion Week. For the very first time, there was a collection [in / on] which every model walked down the catwalk wearing a hijab. The hijab is the [veil / vale] traditionally [worn / wearing] by Muslim women, which usually [covering / covers] the head and chest. It has got a bad [iron / press] recently because of it being banned in [various / variety] parts of the world. However, Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan from Indonesia wanted to show just how stylish and [elegance / elegant] the hijab could be and wowed the fashion world with her [creations / creates] . Ms Hasibuan is just 30 years old and becomes the first Indonesian to feature a collection at a prestigious global fashion event. She received a standing [ovation / oration] at the end of her show in New York.

There has been an upswing in the [passed / past] few years of fashion designers incorporating Islamic fashion into their designs. The international [retail / retile] clothing company H&M released an advert [showed / showing] a Muslim model in a hijab, while Dolce and Gabbana released a [line / lane] of hijabs aimed at wealthy Muslim customers. Not [someone / everyone] is happy with the hijab [entering / enter] mainstream fashion. Some say the new designs are [bordering / border] on being un-Islamic. Dr Eva Nisa, a professor of Islamic Studies, said: "The [essence / license] of Muslim dress is to wear something decent, to be [modest / modesty] . For women, they have to make sure what they're wearing doesn't attract [the / an] attention of men."

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