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India and Pakistan do not have good relations now. They have argued for many years over borders in Kashmir. India could also limit the amount of water Pakistan gets from the Indus River. The latest disagreement is over movies and actors. Pakistan's major cinemas have banned Indian movies in its biggest cities. Cinema owners say the ban is to support Pakistani soldiers who are risking their lives in Kashmir. The ban comes after Indian moviemakers banned Pakistani actors from working in India's famous Bollywood movie studios in Mumbai.

Bollywood movies are very popular in Pakistan. The cinema industry will lose a lot of money because people will stay at home. A lot of Pakistan's cinema business comes from Bollywood. Pakistani actors may also lose money. They will make less money in Pakistan's movie industry than in Bollywood. However, Pakistani actors said it was time for Pakistani actors to stop working in Bollywood. Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi said: "The time has come when Pakistani artists must boycott Bollywood." Movie star Agha Ali agreed, saying: "I think it should have been done a long time ago."

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