Discussion Questions - Listening

Listen to the 20 Questions.

  • Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.
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1. you you headline did when the What think read?

2. ? What springs to mind when you hear the word 'teacher'

3. you read think about What what do you?

4. important are How teachers?

5. don't people teachers Why more become?

6. needs What can UNESCO do to get the teachers it?

7. would How education an had everyone if different be world the?

8. your of think you did What education?

9. there is Why teachers of shortage a?

10. have you do advice What teachers for?

11. reading article Did like this you?

12. be online Should classes taught more?

13. and your why favourite teacher Who , was?

14. little so paid get teachers do Why?

15. teacher Would be good you a?

16. the thing you was important taught What most teachers?

17. are What teacher a being about things bad and good the?

18. why What is the best present for teachers , and?

19. What teacher a of job the than important more are jobs?

20. teacher questions like a What you ask would to?

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Teachers - The 20 Questions

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)
  1. What did you think when you read the headline?
  2. What springs to mind when you hear the word 'teacher'?
  3. What do you think about what you read?
  4. How important are teachers?
  5. Why don't more people become teachers?
  6. What can UNESCO do to get the teachers it needs?
  7. How would the world be different if everyone had an education?
  8. What did you think of your education?
  9. Why is there a shortage of teachers?
  10. What advice do you have for teachers?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)
  1. Did you like reading this article? Why/not?
  2. Should more classes be taught online?
  3. Who was your favourite teacher, and why?
  4. Why do teachers get paid so little?
  5. Would you be a good teacher?
  6. What was the most important thing teachers taught you?
  7. What are the good and bad things about being a teacher?
  8. What is the best present for teachers, and why?
  9. What jobs are more important than the job of a teacher?
  10. What questions would you like to ask a teacher?

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