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The words
A report from the United Nations (UN) says the world [needy / needs] another 69 million teachers by the year 2030. The UN agency UNESCO made a [promise / promises] in 2015 that every child in the world is to receive a primary and secondary education [within / with] the next 14 years. The agency says a lot of work needs to be [doing / done] to find the number of teachers for schools. The biggest numbers of teachers needed [are / be] in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. UNESCO says [there / their] needs to be a [huge / hug] effort to get the 69 million teachers. [At / In] the moment, UNESCO says there are "massive shortages" of teachers around the world. There are [current / currently] 263 million children who do not go to school. Around 25 million of [they / these] might never get an education.

The UN report warns that there are [shortages / shortage] of teachers in countries with [rising / raising] populations. This makes it harder to find enough teachers [has / as] there are more and more children [being / been] born. The report says: "Without [urgently / urgent] and sustained action, the situation will deteriorate in the [face / head] of rising demand [from / for] education." UNESCO is also worried about the quality of teachers in [some / sum] countries. In countries like Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, fewer than 60 per cent of teachers [in / on] primary school have been trained. There are also worries about class sizes. The UN says: "In countries like Malawi, it is common to [search / find] over 100 children in classes….This has been a persistent problem for many years."

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