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The words
Teenage drivers are still the most [likely / likeliest] to crash, according to a new study. The Highway Safety Association (HSA) in the USA [find / found] that teen drivers are 1.6 times more likely to be [on / in] a traffic accident than adult drivers. Teens [aged / ages] 18 to 19 are the likeliest to be in a [fatal / fatally] crash. They are in more deadly car [collision / collisions] than even 15- to 17-year-old drivers. The HSA said [recently / recent] figures show an increase in teen driver deaths for the first time since 2006. HSA spokesman Jonathan Adkins said: "This report [drives / drivers] home the message that there is still much to do to [reduce / reduction] teen driver fatal crashes and the resulting deaths." He added: "The increase in teen driver fatal crashes is concerning and we are keeping a watchful [eye / ear] ."

The HSA has been [working / worked] with the Ford motor company in a special Driving Skills for Life program. This [first / fast] launched in the USA and has since [expanded / expended] to 35 countries worldwide. It helps new drivers recognize road [hazard / hazards] and teaches them how to be [safety / safer] drivers. Jim Graham, Global Manager for the Driving Skills for Life program, said: "Smart programs that focus [on / in] teen driving behavior have been very successful in [helping / hoping] novice and younger drivers be safer on the roads, but we still have more [for / to] do." The greatest chance of [crashing / crash] is in the first six months after teens get their license. It's understandable why parents [worry / worrying] so much about their teen passing their driving test.

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