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Myanmar was for decades by an oppressive military junta. However, since the country to democratic ways, things have . The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has just that Myanmar is home to the world's most generous people. It is the third successive year for the country to this accolade. The CAF "World Giving Index" found that 91 per cent of Myanmar residents money to charity in the past year, 62 per cent helped a stranger, and 55 per cent claimed they had . An economic adviser to Myanmar's president said: "The results very sharply how a 'poor' country can a 'rich' one through its generosity, by on giving rather than getting."

The report also that people in Iraq are the kindest to strangers. Eight in 10 Iraqis are reported to have someone they don't know in the past year. The BBC on how significant this statistic was, the turmoil Iraq has in for years because of war. It that: "It is the kindness of Iraqis…to complete strangers in the face of years of conflict and terrible violence which out in the list." John Low, CEO of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: "The generosity of people, even in countries suffering from disaster and turmoil, truly humbling." He : "Unconditional gifts of time and money a life-changing force for good in the world."

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