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Myanmar was for [decadence / decades] ruled by an oppressive military junta. However, since the country returned to democratic [ways / way] , things have changed. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has just [started / stated] that Myanmar is home to the world's most [generous / generosity] people. It is the third [successive / succession] year for the country to achieve this accolade. The CAF "World Giving Index" found that 91 per cent of Myanmar [residence / residents] gave money to charity in the past year, 62 per cent helped a [straggler / stranger] , and 55 per cent claimed they had volunteered. An economic [adviser / advice] to Myanmar's president said: "The results demonstrate very [sharply / sharp] how a 'poor' country can be a 'rich' one through its generosity, by focusing [in / on] giving rather than getting."

The report also found that people in Iraq are the kindest to strangers. Eight in 10 Iraqis are [reported / reporting] to have helped someone they don't know in the past year. The BBC commented on how [significance / significant] this [statistic / statistics] was, given the [turmoil / turmeric] Iraq has been in for years because of war. It stated that: "It is the kindness of Iraqis…to [complete / completed] strangers in the [face / head] of years of conflict and terrible violence which [kneels / stands] out in the list." John Low, CEO of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: "The generosity of people, [ever / even] in countries suffering from disaster and turmoil, is truly [mumbling / humbling] ." He added: "Unconditional gifts of time and money are a life-changing [force / farce] for good in the world."

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