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Help may be at [hand / foot] for those of us who want to keep the wrinkles and grey hair at [bay / bat] and slow down the process of aging. New research suggests that eating green vegetables can ward [on / off] the signs of aging. Researchers say that broccoli, cabbage and avocado in [particularly / particular] contain a compound that helps slow down the rate [at / to] which we age. The [key / lock] compound, present in green fruit and vegetables, is called NMN. It helps slow down the [physical / physically] signs of getting old. Scientists say NMN can also [juvenile / rejuvenate] the metabolism. It helps replenish levels of energy production [in / on] our body that deteriorate as we age. It also helps reduce weight gain and the deterioration of [vision / visionary] .

The research was conducted by scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in the USA. Researcher professor Shinichiro Imai said: "We have [showed / shown] a way to slow the physiological [incline / decline] that we see [in / on] aging mice. This means older [mice / mouse] have metabolism and energy levels [resembling / resemblance] that of younger mice." Professor Imai said tests on mice showed that NMN reduced [typed / typical] signs of aging, including a decline in the [strengthen / strength] of skeletal muscle, poor liver function, lower [bone / bony] density and weakening eyesight. The reason our metabolism changes [under / over] time and leads to reduced energy levels has [baffled / waffled] scientists for decades. This latest research casts new light on this mystery.

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