Gap Fill - Level 1


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   customers      disabilities      every      habit      idea      important      law      leader      libraries      literacy      material      more      new      offices      president      society      spaces      things      though      work  
The UAE has a new to get people to read . It includes many to increase . Government workers will have time to read books at . Private companies will create libraries at their and factories. Shopping centres will have for public libraries. These will also be for people with reading . Even cafes will have books and other reading for to read.

The UAE's reading law is the of President Sheikh Khalifa. The UAE has a 10-year plan to make reading a lifelong . It also wants students to read 20 or more books year. The UAE's Minister of Education said the law would make a that can quickly change and be a world in development. A university said books and are still , even we have the Internet.

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