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   actions      chaos      choice      collapse      conflict      critical      enough      fire      forcefully      global      head      instability      muscles      nuclear      order      policy      safe      security      there      third  
An ex- of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has said America needs to be the world's policeman to keep the world . Mr Rasmussen said, "we need determined American leadership" to bring back law and . He stated that the USA had no and had to act more . He explained that: "Syria is torn by war and , Iraq is on the brink of , Libya is a failed state,…Russia is attacking Ukraine and destabilising Eastern Europe, China is flexing its , [and] the rogue state North Korea is threatening attacks."

Mr Rasmussen was of President Barack Obama, whom he says has not done to stop conflict. He said: "Superpowers don't get to retire. Look around; you will see a world on ." The Russia Today (RT) newspaper said U.S. foreign has led to greater in the Middle East and North Africa. It said Libya is in because the USA had no post-exit plan. RT added that in Iraq and Syria created a global threat in the form of ISIS. It went on to write that the Taliban still control a of Afghanistan, even after the US spent 15 years .

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