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The words
The [former / firmer] chief of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has said America needs to be the world's policeman to make [shore / sure] the world is a safer place. Mr Rasmussen [outlined / lined] his views in an interview with Britain's Sky News. He said America [needed / necessary] to intervene in the world's trouble spots to restore law and [ordering / order] . He said: We need determined American global leadership." He stated that the USA had no choice [but / so] to act more forcefully, [explained / explaining] that: "Syria is torn [by / up] war and conflict, Iraq is on the brink of collapse, Libya is a failed [stating / state] ,…Russia is attacking Ukraine and destabilising Eastern Europe, China is flexing its muscles, and the [rogue / vogue] state North Korea is threatening nuclear attacks."

Mr Rasmussen was particularly [crucial / critical] of President Barack Obama, whom he says has not [done / doing] enough to prevent conflict. He said: "Superpowers don't get to [rewire / retire] . Look around; you will see a world [on / in] fire." The Russia Today (RT) newspaper questions the value of [recently / recent] U.S. military interventions. It said U.S. foreign policy has led to greater [stable / instability] in the Middle East and North Africa. It stated that Libya plunged into [chaotic / chaos] after the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi with the US having no post-exit plan. RT added that U.S. policy in Iraq and Syria created one of the greatest global security [treats / threats] in the form of ISIS. It went [on / in] to write that the Taliban still control a third of Afghanistan, even after the US [spent / spending] 15 years there.

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