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The words
Israel's government has [approved / approval] a bill to make mosques quieter. If the bill is [past / passed] into law, Israel's mosques will not [be / have] able to use loudspeakers during the call to prayer. The call to prayer happens five times [the / a] day across the Muslim world. The first [time / times] is at dawn and the last is after sunset. The bill has to pass [numeral / several] more stages in Israel's parliament to become law. The bill says the [volume / amount] of loudspeakers at mosques is too high and [damage / damages] the quality of life for people who live [near / nearly] mosques. Israeli politician Moti Yogev proposed the bill and said that hundreds of thousands of Israelis, "suffer regularly and [day / daily] from noise caused by the prayer calls from mosques."

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he supported the bill. He said: "Israel is [committed / commit] to freedom of religion, but it must also protect [citizen / citizens] from the noise of the [announcements / announce] ." An Arab member of Israel's government said the bill was racist. He said it was, "another law in a [serious / series] of racist…laws that only [target / aim] to create [an / a] atmosphere of hatred…against the Arab public." Another critic said: "The real aim of the bill is [not / now] to prevent noise, but [rather / prefer] to create noise that will hurt all of society and the efforts to establish harmony between Jews and Arabs". Arabs make up [roughly / rough] 20 per cent of Israel's population. Most Arabs are Muslim. Jews [constitution / constitute] around 75 per cent of Israel's population.

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