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Israel's government has approved a to make mosques . If the bill is passed into law, Israel's mosques will not be able to use loudspeakers during the to prayer. The call to prayer happens five a day across the Muslim world. The first time is at and the last is after sunset. The bill has to pass several more in Israel's parliament to become law. The bill says the of loudspeakers at mosques is too high and damages the quality of for people who live near mosques. Israeli politician Moti Yogev proposed the bill and said that hundreds of of Israelis, "suffer regularly and from noise caused by the [prayer] calls from mosques".

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he supported the bill. He said: "Israel is committed to of religion, but it must also protect from the noise of the announcements." An Arab of Israel's government said the bill was . He said it was, "another law in a of racist…laws that only aim to create an atmosphere of …against the Arab public". Another critic said: "The real aim of the bill is not to prevent noise, but rather to create noise that will hurt all of and the to establish [] between Jews and Arabs." Arabs make up roughly 20 per cent of Israel's . Most Arabs are Muslim. Jews constitute around 75 per cent of Israel's population.

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