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People in the hit by last week's New Zealand have received an unusual but air – a lot of fast food. The food flight to the town of Kaikoura was organized by a plasterer from a town 130 kilometres away. Robert Coombes, 49, spent three days collecting and bought as much fast food as he could. He filled a friend's with 400 of Kentucky Fried Chicken, 300 McDonald's burgers, 50 Domino's pizzas, and of candies. He landed in Kaikoura in for lunch on Friday. Kaikoura was the town worst hit by the 7.8 quake.

Mr Coombes said he wanted to "put a on people's faces, even if it's only for day". He added: "With kids, you need a bit more than bread and water. I just thought I'd…bring a little bit of to the place…. It's just being a human ." Coombes said the managers of KFC and McDonald's supported his . Staff started work two hours to prepare the food. Transport links to Kaikoura were cut by big . There have been over 2,000 since Monday and the government is warning that there will be .

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