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   at      at      at      at      for      for      from      from      from      in      in      into      of      of      of      of      on      on      to      up      up      with      with      with  
A new study shows that having a low social status can be bad our health. The study was monkeys. Researchers Duke University the USA looked the behaviour and health 45 female monkeys and found that those a lower social status had more health problems. The monkeys were split into five groups of nine. The researchers gave the monkeys each group time to get to know each other. Then they took one monkey each group and put her another group. This meant she was the "new girl" and was the bottom of the group. When scientists checked the health the monkeys, they found that the "new girl" was unhealthier than the other monkeys.

The researchers said that although their study focused monkeys, the findings could also be true humans because we share a lot our DNA with monkeys. Professor Graham Rook, from University College London, told the BBC News that the findings the study may also apply humans. He said governments must understand that people a lower social status suffer more health problems. He said that just because "people the bottom" have got cars and TVs, it does not mean they are happy. If they feel they are the bottom compared richer people, their health will worsen. People who are richer can live to two decades longer than those who are poorer.

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