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The words
A new study [shows / showing] that having a low social status can be bad for our [healthy / health] . The study was [on / in] monkeys. Researchers from Duke University in the USA looked at the behaviour and health of 45 female monkeys and found that [them / those] with a lower social status had more health problems. The monkeys were split [down / up] into five groups of nine. The researchers gave the monkeys in [each / all] group time to get to know [each / one] other. Then they took one monkey from each group and put her into another group. This [meant / mean] she was the "new girl" and was at [the / a] bottom of the group. When scientists checked the health of the monkeys, they found that the "new girl" was unhealthier than [another / the other] monkeys.

The researchers said that although their study [focusing / focused] on monkeys, the findings could also be [true / truth] for humans because we [share / shave] a lot [of / for] our DNA with monkeys. Professor Graham Rook, from University College London, told the BBC News that the findings of the study may also [apply / application] to humans. He said governments must understand that people with a lower social status [suffer / suffering] more from health problems. He said that just because "people at the bottom" have got cars and TVs, it does not [meaning / mean] they are happy. If they feel they are at the bottom [compared / comparison] with richer people, their health will [worse / worsen] . People who are richer can live [up / from] to two decades longer than those who are poorer.

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