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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has his controversial plan to make India a cashless society. Indians already up in arms following his recent and sudden decision to the old 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes. They to be legal tender in India from the 9th of November, although the old 500-rupee note was by an updated version. The government the move was an effort to the banknotes being to fund terrorism, as well as being a crackdown on counterfeit money in India. The ban means 80 per cent of the country's currency has been from circulation and business has been to a virtual standstill. It is very unpopular among most Indians.

Mr Modi a step further on Sunday when he for a cashless society. He said in a televised speech: "I want to tell my small merchant brothers and sisters, this is the chance for you to the digital world." He added: "Learn the different ways you can use your bank accounts and Internet banking. Learn how to effectively the apps of various banks on your phones. Learn how to your business without cash. Learn about card payments and other electronic modes of payment….A cashless economy secure. It is clean." He India's more tech-savvy people by that: "All the youth of India can it very quickly, and within a month, the world can a modern India."

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