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The words
People in the U.S. state of North Dakota are [angrily / angry] because an oil company is building a giant pipe [near / nearly] their land. The oil company wants to [build / built] the multibillion-dollar oil pipeline under a lake near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The Sioux people are Native Americans who have been [in / on] the land for thousands of years. The Native Americans have been [joint / joined] by many protestors. They are all trying to stop the $3.8 billion pipeline from [parsing / passing] near Sioux land. They say it will [dirty / dirtied] their drinking water and make [it / them] undrinkable. They also say the pipeline will damage [scared / sacred] Sioux sites. A Texas-based company, Energy Transfer Partners, owns the 1,885-km pipeline project. It is almost [complete / completely] .

The protestors are calling [himself / themselves] "water protectors". They have been on the site for months trying to [block / back] the pipeline. They were recently joined [by / at] veterans from the U.S. military. These are [retired / retires] soldiers, sailors and members of the air force. The veterans have [build / built] the protestors shelters to keep warm in the [froze / freezing] winter. There has been violence between [the / a] protestors and police. A North Dakota spokesman said some of the protestors were "frightening". He said: "It's [timing / time] for them to go home." However, Coast Guard veteran Ashleigh Jennifer Parker said: "We will be [armed / unarmed] , completely prepared for peaceful protest. We don't even like the word 'protest.' We're there to help [the / there] water protectors."

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