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Amazon just [unveiled / veiled] what it describes as the world's most advanced shopping technology. It is the prime [featured / feature] of its new-concept grocery store that has no [queues / cues] or checkout counters. It is called Amazon Go and is being [trailed / trialled] in the company's hometown of Seattle. The technology works via an app on a shopper's [mobility / mobile] device. The app [automatically / automatic] checks in when the shopper enters the store. It lets you shop as [normal / normally] and then scans what you have bought [as / at] you leave the store. Amazon then bills you later and the shopping gets [charge / charged] to your Amazon account. There is no waiting in line, no cashiers, and no being held [down / up] by slow customers, credit card transactions or waiting for change.

Amazon Go may revolutionize the [high / low] street shopping experience and provide a much-needed [boast / boost] for brick-and-mortar stores. The grocery and convenience store markets are [extremely / extremity] tough nuts to crack. Profit margins are low and competition is [intensely / intense] . However, Amazon seems [confidence / confident] it can change people's shopping habits. Rumours are that the online retail [giant / gigantic] has plans for 2,000 grocery stores across the USA. It could also get involved [on / in] selling the software for its shopping technology to [retails / retailers] worldwide. Industry [analyst / analysis] Colin Sebastian suggested Amazon Go could challenge Internet shopping. He said: "It makes it just as convenient, if not more convenient, than online shopping in some [causes / cases] ."

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