Gap Fill - Level 1


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   age      guests      horse      idea      important      invitation      jokes      life      migrants      neighbours      online      people      police      popular      post      surprised      them      tiara      traditional      viral  
A father was when he invited his family, friends and to his daughter Rubi's 15th birthday party. His Facebook post went and 1.2 million people accepted his . Crescencio Ibarra said he would not turn any of away. He said he had no why his became so because he just wanted to invite people who lived nearby. So many might go to the party that there will also be a lot of .

A 15th birthday is in a girl's in Mexico. It is when she comes of . There is a party with lots of . The girl wears a beautiful dress, a and make-up. At Rubi's party, three bands will play music. There will be a race. The winner will get $490. There are many about Mr Ibarra's post . Rubi's favourite shows Donald Trump and Mexico's president agreeing to let Mexican in the USA go to her party.

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