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Ivory Coast has adopted a [revolution / revolutionary] new system of postal addresses that contain [just / justly] three words. It means that for the first time [every / ever] , everyone in the country will be able to receive mail to their house or office. [Up / Come] until now, people had to rely [in / on] post office boxes. There were only 150,000 of [these / them] nationwide and people had to rent them, which meant poorer people found it [difficult / difficulty] to receive mail. The head of Ivory Coast's post office [telling / told] the BBC: "We have 150,000 PO boxes for a population of nearly 24 million. That means a postal address is a [luxury / luxurious] in Ivory Coast. We have to make postal access available to everyone." He said the three-word addresses would move Ivory Coast into the digital [aged / age] .

The Ivory Coast's new postal system is [based / based] on the what3words.com geo-mapping system. Its software has [divided / division] the world into a [grid / griddle] of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, each [assigned / resigned] a unique 3-word address. The software uses [aptitude / latitude] and longitude coordinates to [precisely / precision] pinpoint a location on a global address network. The 22 numbers from these coordinates are [converted / conversion] into three easy to remember words that replace house numbers, street and city names and [zipper / zip] codes. A what3words.com spokesperson said: "Poor addressing might seem no more than [annoying / annoyance] in some countries, but around the world it hampers the growth and development of nations, [ultimately / ultimate] costing lives."

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