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   always      boring      charity      community      completely      death      difference      difficult      exclusively      fun      good      lucky      orphans      outlook      perspective      position      sand      street      team      time  
Britain's Prince Harry wants to make a . The 32-year-old royal talked to a documentary . In a candid interview, he spoke about his work and the effect the of his mother had on him. Harry confessed that for a long after, it was to be a prince. His charity work helping and war veterans has given him a new on life and on how he can use his position to do .

Harry said he did not have such a positive and used to "bury his head in the ". He said: "I was fighting the system." Things have changed for him. He said: "Now I'm just so…energised to be enough to be in a to make a difference." He said it was, " to be good and to be bad". He added: "Whether it's in your local , your village...walking down the ….Whatever it is, just do good."

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