Gap Fill - Language Barriers - Level 2


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Research says language barriers are holding back science around the . English is the language of science, but one- of research is not published in English. This means do not see a lot of research. Researchers from the University of Cambridge said important science is being missed at an international . They said should have summaries of a study's key in many languages. They also said universities should translate their research into languages, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

International companies are now asking their to communicate in English. They want to reduce language barriers. Germany's Volkswagen just announced that English is its language. It hopes the switch to English will attract employees. Japan's Honda also announced its staff must use English by 2020. Researcher Tatsuya Amano said scientists needed "to start tackling this ." He gave an of important research about avian in China going unnoticed by the World Health Organization it was published in journals in .

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