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Grandparents have told for decades not to stick anything than your elbow into our ears. Ear in the USA, the American Academy of Otolaryngology, agree. They say that cleaning your ears with cotton buds ( Q-tips) can cause long-lasting to your ears and . Dr Jennifer Caudle said cotton buds seem but can cause damage. She said: "People want to stick in their ears and they think it’s the thing to do, but [cotton buds] can cause in the eardrum, irritation in the canal, and can [make it easier to get] infections."

The Academy recommended that people think of earwax as an substance to keep our ears healthy. Dr Seth Schwartz said: "People…want to clean their ears they believe earwax is an indication of . This misinformation leads to ear health habits." Our body produces earwax to do the job of cleaning the ears, stopping from drying out, and helping them to sweat . It also protects the ears against , bugs and dust. Cotton buds can push earwax inside the ear and cause .

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