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The words
Everyone knows that zombies only [exit / exist] in horror movies. Or do they? A new [article / particle] in the University of Leicester's 'Journal of Physics Special Topics' predicts [what / that] zombies would kill almost everyone [in / on] Earth in just 100 days. Students [prediction / predicted] there would only be 273 survivors after three months of a zombie apocalypse. The students were not, of [cause / course] , using real zombies found in fiction. Instead, they pretended that a deadly [viral / virus] had infected someone and then spread around the world. They [decided / decision] that one person with the virus would have a 90 per cent chance [off / of] infecting another person every day. They calculated that at that rate, the human population would fall to just 273 people by [days / day] 100.

A professor at the university, Mervin Roy, [explain / explained] why students did research into a zombie apocalypse, [even / ever] though zombies do not exist. He said: "Every [year / yearly] we ask students to write short papers for the Journal of Physics Special Topics. It lets the students show [on / off] their creative side and apply [many / some] of the physics they know to the [weird / wired] , the wonderful, or the everyday." He also said it gives students [valuable / value] practice in writing and reviewing academic [paper / papers] . He added that the annual research tested the ability of students to apply their understanding of physics [at / to] hypothetical scenarios (imaginary situations). This could help in the future to prepare [them / us] for real-life disasters.

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