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Everyone knows that zombies exist in horror movies. Or do they? A new article in the University of Leicester's 'Journal of Physics Special Topics' predicts that zombies would kill everyone on Earth in just 100 . Students predicted there would only be 273 after three months of a zombie . The students were not, of , using real zombies found in . Instead, they pretended that a virus had infected someone and then spread around the world. They decided that one person with the virus would have a 90 per cent of infecting another person every day. They calculated that at that rate, the human would fall to just 273 people by day 100.

A professor at the university, Mervin Roy, explained why students did research into a zombie apocalypse, though zombies do not exist. He said: "Every year we ask students to write papers for the Journal of Physics Special Topics. It lets the students show off their creative and apply some of the physics they know to the , the wonderful, or the everyday." He also said it gives students valuable in writing and reviewing papers. He added that the research tested the of students to apply their understanding of physics to hypothetical scenarios (imaginary ). This could help in the to prepare us for real-life disasters.

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