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A group of researchers from Sweden has one of nature's biggest secrets. The scientists out how spiders make such strong silk when they their spider webs. The silk that spiders spin is incredibly strong and tougher than steel. For decades, scientists have been what makes the silk so amazing. Finally, researchers from Sweden's University of Agricultural Sciences and the Karolinska Institute have the answer. They found that the materials for webs are in a spider's silk gland as protein. The gland a level of acidity that helps to make the protein into very strong silk. The researchers this process to make enough artificial spider-web silk to for one kilometer.

The new artificial silk could very useful to humans. Doctors are interested in it to for stitches. They also think it can help the skin after a burn. Some doctors believe the new silk could torn ligaments in the body. Airplane manufacturers and makers of protective clothing also many uses for the new silk. Senior researcher Anna Rising about how important the discovery could . She said: "This the first successful example of [copying] spider silk spinning. In the future, this may industrial production of artificial silk for bio-material applications or for the manufacture of advanced textiles." The silk could an important new material for us in the future.

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