Discussion Questions - Listening

Listen to the 20 Questions.

  • Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.
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1. the What think read you you headline did when?

2. when you hear the word 'spider' What springs to mind?

3. of think you do What webs spider?

4. kinds do of other webs know What of you?

5. about What what do you you read think?

6. is silk ? useful How

7. discovery How is new important this?

8. of do think spiders What you?

9. , and three webs adjectives why best ? describe What spider

10. secrets unlock of science What should other researchers?

11. this you reading article Did like?

12. be could silk humans useful artificial to How the?

13. uses new in What the have could silk hospitals?

14. new silk have in our homes ? What uses could the

15. you a think real silk - could life be Spiderman used to Do make?

16. are What materials - bio?

17. we can else What spiders from learn?

18. do you do when you see a spider web What?

19. also webs spider are Why cobwebs called?

20. ask would to researchers questions like the What you?

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Spider Webs - The 20 Questions

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)
  1. What did you think when you read the headline?
  2. What springs to mind when you hear the word 'spider'?
  3. What do you think of spider webs?
  4. What other kinds of webs do you know of?
  5. What do you think about what you read?
  6. How useful is silk?
  7. How important is this new discovery?
  8. What do you think of spiders?
  9. What three adjectives best describe spider webs, and why?
  10. What other secrets of science should researchers unlock?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)
  1. Did you like reading this article? Why/not?
  2. How useful could the artificial silk be to humans?
  3. What uses could the new silk have in hospitals?
  4. What uses could the new silk have in our homes?
  5. Do you think silk could be used to make a real-life Spiderman?
  6. What are bio-materials?
  7. What else can we learn from spiders?
  8. What do you do when you see a spider web?
  9. Why are spider webs also called cobwebs?
  10. What questions would you like to ask the researchers?

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