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Animal rights pressure group buys LV shares






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The animal rights group PETA has bought shares in the company Louis Vuitton (LV). PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants to pressure LV to stop selling goods made from exotic animal skins. There are rumours that PETA has bought just one share. This means PETA can go to shareholder meetings to question the LV board members. It wants its concerns about protecting animals to be heard and addressed.

The main reason PETA bought the shares is to highlight the treatment of crocodiles. PETA has information showing that crocodile farms in Vietnam which supply skins to Louis Vuitton are kept in tiny pits and sometimes cut while they are still alive. PETA said it wants to put pressure on LV "to stop selling exotic skins merchandise". An LV spokeswoman said: "We have no knowledge of ... any cruel method involving the suffering of the animal."

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