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The animal rights pressure group PETA has [purchased / purchasing] shares in the French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH). PETA (People for the [Ethical / Ethics] Treatment of Animals) [brought / bought] the shares in order to pressure LVMH to stop [selling / sales] bags and other products made from [exotically / exotic] animal skins, such [as / was] crocodile. PETA has not [disclosure / disclosed] what its shareholding is, although there are rumours that it has bought just a [single / singed] share. Even this stake in LVMH will mean PETA is [eligible / eligibility] to attend shareholder meetings. PETA will also exercise its option to question the LVMH board members in front of other shareholders to make sure its agenda to protect animals is heard and [stamped / addressed] .

The main reason for PETA's share purchase is to bring LVMH to [statement / account] regarding the treatment of crocodiles. PETA said: "In the [awake / wake] of an exposé revealing that reptiles on crocodile [farms / farming] in Vietnam (including two that have supplied skins to a tannery [owed / owned] by Louis Vuitton's parent company, LVMH) are confined to tiny [pit / pits] and sometimes hacked [into / onto] while they're still alive and thrashing, PETA has [became / become] a shareholder of LVMH…to put pressure [in / on] the company to stop selling exotic skins merchandise." An LVMH spokeswoman replied: "We have no knowledge of ... any [cruel / cruelty] method involving the suffering of the animal. This is in clear contradiction of our [principals / principles] and rules."

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