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For [whatever / however] reason, people [resume / assume] dogs are more intelligent creatures than cats. This [motion / notion] has been called into question by scientists in Japan, who have said that cats are as smart as dogs at [certain / certainly] memory tests. Cat [loves / lovers] , of course, have always known this. Researchers at Kyoto University conducted tests on how well 49 cats could recall or relate to an event from [the / a] past – known as an episodic memory. The Japanese team got the [canines / felines] to eat from one of two bowls. Fifteen minutes later, the cats were tested on their [ability / able] to remember which bowl they had eaten from and which [remaining / remained] untouched. The team found the cats could recall what they ate and where, [suggests / suggesting] they had episodic memory.

The scientists also said that cats were as good as dogs on a [whole / entire] variety of mental tests, including [response / responding] to the gestures, facial expressions and [emoticons / emotions] of humans. Researcher Saho Takagi told reporters that she [believed / belief] cats think about past events similar to the way humans do. She said: "An interesting [speculation / speculating] is that they may enjoy [actively / active] recalling memories of their [experience / experiential] , like humans." She added: "Episodic memory is viewed as being [rated / related] to an introspective function of the mind. Our study may [imply / comply] a type of consciousness in cats." Ms Takagi said the research is good news for pet owners, saying: "Understanding cats more deeply helps to [establish / establishment] better cat-human relationships."

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