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Starbucks Howard Schultz has said his would employ 10,000 refugees over the next years. Mr Schultz is the CEO of the coffee shop chain. He is very with President Donald Trump's new ban on the of seven Middle Eastern and North African countries. Schultz said his was, "a concerted effort to welcome and seek opportunities for those fleeing , violence, persecution and discrimination". He added: "There are more than 65 million citizens of the world recognized as by the United Nations, and we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does ."

Many people are at Mr Schultz's plans. Trump have asked people to boycott Starbucks coffee . They say that Mr Schultz should be doing more to help the 40,000 unemployed military in the USA instead of refugees. Starbucks said it has hired 8,800 of the 10,000 veterans it promised to hire in 2013 by 2018. Trump supporters have also asked to quit doing business with companies who are of the President, like Macy’s and Amazon. On the side, opponents of Mr. Trump have started the hashtag #GrabYourWallet. This encourages consumers to avoid doing business with companies that have supported Mr Trump or have business to him.

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