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The words
The High Court in Kenya has [blocked / clocked] the Kenyan government's attempt to close the largest refugee camp in the world. The Dadaab camp [houses / homes] 330,000 refugees. Kenya's government wanted to [closet / close] it and send 260,000 Somali refugees back to Somalia. The High Court decided it was [wrongly / wrong] to send the Somalis back just [because / however] of their nationality. A judge said: "The government's [decide / decision] specifically targeting Somali refugees is an act of group [persecution / persecute] ." He [added / subtracted] that it was discrimination. Kenya's government said it wanted to close the camp because of security [worry / worries] . It said that terrorist attacks in Kenya by the Somalia-based al-Shabab group were [planned / plant] in the camp.

Dadaab was set [in / up] in 1992 to [cope / hope] with people fleeing the civil [war / warrior] in Somalia. It is made up of five giant camps and is run by the United Nations. When Kenya's government said it would close the camp, human [rights / wrongs] groups around the world became [worried / worrying] . They feared that sending back so [much / many] refugees to Somalia would create [other / another] humanitarian crisis. The human rights group Amnesty International welcomed the High Court's decision. It said Kenya had a [duly / duty] to protect refugees from harm. It said: "Today is a historic day for more than a quarter of a million refugees who were at [risk / risky] of being forcefully returned to Somalia, where they would have been at serious risk of human rights [abusive / abuses] ."

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