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The High Court in Kenya has blocked the Kenyan government's to close the refugee camp in the world. The Dadaab camp houses 330,000 refugees. Kenya's government wanted to close it and send 260,000 Somali back to Somalia. The High Court decided it was to send the Somalis back just because of their . A judge said: "The government's specifically targeting Somali refugees is an act of persecution." He added that it was . Kenya's government said it wanted to close the camp of security worries. It said that attacks in Kenya by the Somalia-based al-Shabab group were planned in the camp.

Dadaab was set up in 1992 to cope with people fleeing the war in Somalia. It is made up of five camps and is run by the United Nations. When Kenya's government said it would close the camp, human rights around the world became . They feared that sending back so refugees to Somalia would create another humanitarian . The human rights group Amnesty International welcomed the High Court's decision. It said Kenya had a to protect refugees from harm. It said: "Today is a historic day for more than a of a million refugees who were at of being forcefully returned to Somalia, where they would have been at serious risk of human rights ."

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