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   allegations      chains      damages      efforts      factually      false      filler      half      high      higher      journalism      objections      other      position      priority      product      quality      report      sound  
Subway is suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) because of a that said Subway's chicken was only chicken. The CBC reported that a Subway chicken was 46.4% soy . CBC said fast food had much levels of meat in their chicken-based products. Subway announced it had asked for $210 million in , "over …that are defamatory and absolutely ".

Subway said: "Despite our to share the facts with the CBC about the quality of our chicken and…our strong to their inaccurate claims, they have not issued a retraction." It called CBC's data "unreliable and incorrect". It added: "Producing high food…is our highest ." CBC is standing behind its story. It said: "We believe our to be and there is no evidence that…would lead us to change our ."

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