Speed Reading — Facial Recognition - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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A Beijing park started a trial using facial recognition scanners to save toilet paper and stop thieves from stealing it. They will scan people's face and give them 60 cm of toilet paper. People will have to wait for nine minutes if they want extra paper. There was a problem of park visitors taking too much toilet paper. Some people filled their bags with it. The park put up posters and put messages over loudspeakers asking visitors to use less toilet paper.

The scanners have brought a surprise. They are now a tourist attraction. Visitors are coming to try them out. Videos of people using them have gone viral on social media. Staff help people with problems with the machines and those who need more toilet paper. The scanners are popular. A social media user said: "This is a really good idea. I recommend that it be rolled out in toilets nationwide." The amount of toilet paper used has gone down by 20%.

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