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A number of airports in the Middle East have implementing the ban on taking laptop computers into the airplane cabin on flights to the USA and the UK. A new directive from the USA and UK now electronic devices larger than a smartphone to checked in to be in the hold of the aircraft. The US ban has airlines from eight Middle Eastern countries, while similar UK restrictions to six countries. Officials said the reason for the ban was that larger digital devices could explosives. They did not any indication as to how long the ban would in place. However, the Dubai-based Emirates airlines said it had instructions to enforce it until at least October 14.

There has mixed reaction to the ban. Airlines were unhappy about being just 96 hours to with it or risk losing their license to into the USA. Some called it an operational nightmare. They unsure whether or not to pass the financial burden of the additional layer of security checks onto passengers. Some of the affected countries are why the ban affects only Muslim-majority countries. Passengers, meanwhile, resigned to it. Rakan Mohammed from Qatar said: "It's a rule. I the rules. The bigger problem for my family is the no smoking." Maryam Hassad from Dubai more concerned about how to her children occupied on a long flight without their laptops.

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