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A [number / numeral] of airports in the Middle East have started implementing the ban [on / in] taking laptop computers into the airplane cabin [on / in] flights to the USA and the UK. A new [corrective / directive] from the USA and UK now [requires / require] electronic devices larger than a smartphone to be checked in to be stored in the [holding / hold] of the aircraft. The US ban has [affected / affection] airlines from eight Middle Eastern countries, while similar UK restrictions apply to six countries. Officials said the reason for the ban was that larger [digitally / digital] devices could contain explosives. They did not give any indication [has / as] to how long the ban would be in place. However, the Dubai-based Emirates airlines said it had received instructions to [enforce / farce] rce it until at least October 14.

There has been [mixed / mixing] reaction to the ban. Airlines were unhappy about [been / being] given just 96 hours to comply with [ban / it] or risk losing their license to fly [into / onto] the USA. Some called it an operational nightmare. They are [reassure / unsure] whether or not to pass the financial burden of the additional [layer / payer] of security checks onto passengers. Some of the affected countries are questioning why the ban affects only Muslim-majority countries. Passengers, [whiling / meanwhile] , seem resigned [to / for] it. Rakan Mohammed from Qatar said: "It's a rule. I [follow / chase] the rules. The bigger problem for my family is the no smoking." Maryam Hassad from Dubai was more concerned [about / around] how to keep her children occupied on a long flight without their laptops.

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