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Could shampoo a thing of the past? Millions of us a lot of time and money on it, but it necessary? Shampoo sales have down a lot in the UK recently as more people are changing their hair-washing habits. A recent study by Nielsen, a consumer analyst company, said: "People are from home…and fewer people are , so [they] are using less shampoo less frequently than before." The website said shampooing regularly may the reason hair so greasy. Shampoo makes the scalp dry, so the head more oil, which you then shampoo again to remove. The site said: "By shampooing less often, your scalp naturally its production of [oil]."

However, many people shampoo is good for the hair. Mark Coray, a former president of the National Hairdressers' Federation in the UK, says there no benefit to not washing your hair. He said: "Shampoo is not abrasive or harsh to the scalp….The ingredients in shampoo the hair to so [glossy]….The hair's oil may up so it starts to look like it is shiny...but it will not self-clean." A hair loss clinic in London, The Belgravia Centre, said: "Rinsing your hair is not to be very effective after certain activities that the scalp sweaty, such as exercising or using a sauna." It : "Rinsing will also not bacteria or clean the excess oil from your scalp if you greasy hair."

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