Gap Fill - Halal Snack Pack - Level 0


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   also      aware      because      group      halal      kebab      meat      members      Middle      more      mystery      new      one      politician      proof      sauce      stories      talking      together      word  
A food is bringing Australians . It is Word of the Year. It is the "halal snack pack" (or "HSP"). It is meat with fries and a spicy . It started in Australia but is very Eastern. It is making people more of halal food. An HSP Facebook has 180,000 . People share HSP .

The halal snack has got people in Australia. It became popular after a refused to eat . She said "98% of Australians" were against halal . There is no of this. An Islamic group said HSP winning of the year was great it, "takes away the …about the word ''".

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