Gap Fill - United Airlines - Level 1


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   anyone      attendant      badly      born      dad      first      flight      floor      guards      him      nose      not      online      patients      plane      teeth      trouble      video      viral      war  
United Airlines is in . It treated a passenger . Security pulled a 69-year-old doctor from his seat. They dragged him out of the along the . Dr Dao became unconscious. His face was covered in blood. He lost two and broke his . The doctor paid for his seat but United told him to get off the plane because a flight needed his seat. Dao had to see many the next day. The United staff didn't listen to .

Dr Dao is going to sue United Airlines. He was in Vietnam and escaped from the Vietnam War. He said the United was "more horrifying" than being in that . His daughter said what happened to her should never happen to . She was shocked. A of Dr Dao being dragged went on the Internet. Over 150,000 people signed an petition for the United Airlines CEO to resign. He refused. He did apologize at .

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