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USA ends 'patience' with North Korea






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The US Vice President Mike Pence said US-North Korea relations have changed. He said the USA has been patient with North Korea to try and end its nuclear weapons testing. Donald Trump promised he would stop North Korea's nuclear weapons. He said since 1992, the US has worked hard to keep North Korea free of nuclear weapons. He hopes to do this peacefully, but said, "all options are on the table". This includes attacking North Korea's missiles.

Mr Pence's warning came a day after North Korea tested another missile. Pence said North Korea's missiles are a danger to the USA because they will soon be able to reach America. North Korea said it would continue to test missiles. It said: "We'll be [doing] more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis." It added that an "all-out war" would happen if the US attacked. It also said the US was "disturbing global peace" and was like a "gangster".

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