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Scientists are working on a to help who do no exercise. It could also increase the of those who do exercise. The are from a biological studies in California. They say the pill could produce the benefits to the body that it gets from running. It could make us . It could give us stamina, fat loss, a better mood, a healthier heart and a longer – all without exercising. The scientists said the pill helped to increase athletic performance in mice by 70 per cent. This could be good for people who want to exercise more.

The scientists looked at how the changes with exercise. A researcher said: "It's well known that people can improve their…endurance through . The for us was: How does endurance work? And…can we replace training with a ?" He found a that could copy the effects of exercise without needing to exercise. The chemical made the body burn instead of sugar. Burning fat of sugar means you can improve your stamina to the same as someone who exercises, without the to exercise.

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